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Vanilla Sponge & Raspberry Cake (GF)Vanilla Sponge & Raspberry Cake (GF)
Vanilla Sponge & Raspberry Cake (GF)
Vanilla Sponge & Raspberry Cake (GF)

8 inch (up to 14 servings)

Vanilla bean mousse with raspberry jelly is the perfect marriage of ingredients.


Box size is 23cm long x 23cm wide x 8.89cm high

Delivery temperature
All our products are delivered in refrigerated vans. Upon delivery, products will range between 2-5 degrees celsius (refrigerated temp)

Store frozen or refrigerated

Shelf life
Refrigerated shelf life is 5-7 days. Frozen shelf life is up to 6 months

Serving Instructions
If frozen, leave at room temperature for 4-5 hours before serving. If refrigerated, leave at room temperature for 1 hour before serving for best serving texture

Almond meal
Whole egg
Egg yolks
White chocolate
Castor Sugar
Trimoline (Type of sugar) 
Gelatine (halal)
Vanilla bean
Canola oil 

Potato starch, Rice Flour, raising agents, Modified starch, vegetable emulsifiers, Thickeners, Salt

Glucose Fructose syrup; Water; Sugar; White Chocolate 7,5%; (Glucose Fructose syrup; Cocoa butter; WHOLE MILK POWDER); Humectant: Glycerol; Modified
starch; Thickener: Pectins; Colour: Titanium dioxide; Preservative: Potassium sorbate; Salt; Sequestrant (Polyphosphates); Acidity regulator: Lactic acid; Natural
vanilla flavouring; Emulsifier: Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Soy lecithin

Milk, egg, almond and soy